Cab & Taxi Mobile Payments

Have you been in a cab lately and gotten the run-around when it came time to pay? Apparently, it’s not uncommon for cabbies to try to pressure you to pay your fare in cash. Some cabbies are even posting stickers that say that if you try to pay by credit card, your identity might be stolen. Is that true? Maybe. Maybe not.

Christopher Maag tries to get to the bottom of this in his ABC News Article, Is It Safe to Swipe; “Maybe the taxi company uses old terminals that aren’t covered by the latest standards. Or maybe the terminals are new, but weren’t installed properly. Either way, it’s possible that data sent by the terminals may not be properly encrypted,” according to Ondrej Krehel, information security officer at Identity Theft 911.

One of the leading Board Members, at, works as a data security manager at one of the largest expense management firms in the world, called Concur Technologies. He says, “People travel. People pay by card. People need reimbursed for their expenses and they submit their reports based on their credit card transactions. Ask your average businessperson how they like sitting and waiting for a cabbie to write out a cash receipt.” They don’t. So what’s the answer?

Here are a couple solutions getting traction: is a company behind an emerging mobile app that can be used by consumers to hail a cab at their current location and has partnered with and to accomplish smart metering and execute payments. is the crème del a crème of private pick up. Sign up on their web site (or app) > get quote > pick a ride > schedule a pick up. 9 times out of 10 you can get swooped in any city at any time without the typical taxi cab stenches of yesterdays frat boy party. is probably the start up with the most promising future of all the consumer driven eHailing apps. Simply download the app…pick the nearest cab..track your cab till it arrives….pay with preloaded payment information. No cash or card necessary. Unfortunately you better be in San Francisco or New York if you want to use this app.

Many of these are consumer driven applications, which are proving that there is a strong market for convenient, fast, and automated mobile payment solutions for travelers. Rather than waiting on the apps to rule your sales, why no your own integrated payment system, scalable mobile hardware, and custom interface. Payment Gear can help. We have an army of alpha geeks, designers, and mobile commerce experts waiting to tackle your project.

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