What Your Customers Don't Wanna Hear

Credit Card Processing: What Your Customer Doesn’t Want to Hear

Talk to the average businessperson about choosing a merchant account, or ask them whom they use, and you will generally see a glazed look come over their face. Throw out terms like Interchange, AVS, Qualified, and 3-Tier Pricing, and you have lost them completely.

The average businessperson is simply too busy to sit down and study how credit card processing works. They don’t want to learn those terms. They just want it to work and they want you to do it. Answer their basic questions in ways that matter to them. Here’s how Payment Gear makes it easy.

#1 How much?

Nine times out of ten, “how much” is usually the first question followed by, “are there any hidden fees”. My out-on-the-street survey says that business owners hate hidden fees. I met a restaurant owner that was so angry, after he received his first bill, that he was going to leave his credit card processor as soon as the contract would allow him to do so. Payment Gear and our processing partners do not have any hidden fees. Period. Contracts are simple and outline costs, right up front. Our goal is to move clients from a rates discussion to a value discussion through transparency in pricing and stellar technology.

#2 What equipment will they need to purchase?

Payment Gear uses iPad with PayDock [hyperlink] for point of sale and works through various software as a service providers, including ZingCheckout, POSLavu, USAePay, NextGenDine, Revel, and several other. Custom applications can be developed for specific industries and product vertical as well. Here is a demo video of a product Payment Gear developed for one of our partners.

Does the client already have an existing merchant account? No problem. They can still use the PayDock [hyperlink], point of sale, or a handheld device like PaySaber.

Our iPad kiosks and point of sale solutions have a patented security attachment that makes the device theft-proof. Both PayDock and the PaySaber have additional accessories such as security cables and thermal paper.

#3 Are transactions and accounts approved within the same day?

#4 How secure are the transactions?
Payment Gear meets, and exceeds, PCI/DSS Compliance requirements and our Board Members include internationally known data security professionals who make it their job to understand information security and risk management.

#5 How can they get started?

If you’re an ISO, Agent, or Reseller email: Resellers@PaymentGear.com

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